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Happy birthday, Bane-san.

Geez, man, you're fucking old now. I can see your hair starting to turn white.

Tomorrow's still good, right? Sae-san still coming as well?

seven burgers

So I'm moving. Downgrading to a smaller apartment.

With Kaoru.

I can't wait~

Writer's Block: Extra! Extra!

If you worked for a newspaper, which section of the paper would you like to write for, and why?

Sports! Definitely sports. Don't think there's much else I could really write about anyway. Nothing in the paper interests me as much.

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six burgers

Last weekend was awesome. A make-out session with Bane-san, new regulars who're requesting double-hostings with me and Bane-san because of the whole we look like brothers thing and spending a whole day dressed as a pirate.

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five burgers

Hehe. Hawaii theme tonight. You ready for it, Bane-san?

(ooc: Momo and Bane have decided to go a different way with the Hawaiian theme and gone full-on traditional Hawaiian, complete with tattoos drawn onto their chests and back.)

four burgers

I think... that's the best weekend I've had in a long while. A very long while.

Sorry for ditching you, Bane-san. Something came up.

three burgers

Oi, Kaidou. Me and Bane-san are going parkour on Saturday after work. You wanna come with us? Bane-san's never gone before so I'm teaching. You should come, you really should. It'll be fun.

two burgers

It's been so great catching up with everyone~~ Who woulda thought that I'd run into so many people from the old days?

Hey, An-chan, Kaidoh. Jiro told our parents that I'd caught up with you guys and mom wants you both to go over for dinner sometime. Especially An-chan. I think she's still trying to hook us up. XDD

one burger

Oooh~~ New job~~ This will be my most interesting one yet~~

Momoshiro Takeshi at your service, but you can just call me Momo-chan~


Name: Momoshiro Takeshi
Age: 21
Host type: Adrenaline Junkie type
Reason to host: To help put his brother through college since he's not going himself.

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